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    Best Business Schools In Mannheim Near You

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    Best Business Schools In Mannheim Near You

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    1. Mannheim Business School gGmbH

    19 reviews
    Mannheim Business School gGmbH

    Address: L5 6, 68161 Mannheim, Germany

    Telephone: +49 621 1811281

    Guy: Business school

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    We help you choose business schools in Mannheim

    Are you looking for business schools in Mannheim?
    Well, that's a small fraction of the amount of information you'll find on We are a young group of people who love one of Germany's oldest cities, who know all the streets and the best opportunities the city has to offer, and we have them all written down and ready for you!
    Mannheim is full of art and buildings from the 18th century, which is why it is full of museums and other historical exhibitions. Baroque art is constantly dominating the whole city, a city full of possibilities for you. At we are going to show you every single thing you can do in this city, even the most hidden and specific ones you can think of.
    Start browsing and let's discover the German city together!